Winter Newsletter 2017

MARCH 2017

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A Note From Our Executive Director

Dear Friend of TCLC,

Before I boldly uncover facts to dispel the myths you may have heard, I want to express our deep gratitude for your support in 2016. TCLC would not have the impact we have without your generosity. In 2016, we came alongside 200 patients (up 10% from the year before) who were facing an unplanned pregnancy. We provided ultrasound exams for the 75% of those who were indeed pregnant. 52% were abortion-vulnerable and 39% were abortion-minded. 75% chose Life for their babies and 14 women chose Life for eternity. We are so grateful to God our Father for His transforming power.

And now for the uncovering of the myth……buckle your seatbelts!

Over the many years I have been writing to you, I have never mentioned Planned Parenthood. However, there is hardly a day that the news doesn’t post a headline regarding this abortion provider who commits one-third of the nation’s reported abortions—324,000 in 2015* Most liberal reporting wants you to think PP is a non-profit health organization that takes care of poor women by handing out birth control and doing well-women exams and cancer screenings. PP is a massive “non-profit” that earned $58.5 million during fiscal year 2014-1015*. PP received $553.7 million in 2015 in taxpayer funding (that’s you and me) in the form of reimbursements and government grants (which simple math tells us PP receives $1.5 million daily of taxpayer’s money!)* PP is not focused on cancer screenings and prevention—these services have dropped 57% since 2010.* PP has done zero mammograms. Its contraceptive services are down 20% since 2010.*

However, 94% of women seeking “pregnancy” services at PP were provided with abortions. Only 5% received “prenatal care.” Less than 1% received an adoption referral.* This is just the tip of the iceberg! (Watch this informative clip on YouTube)

I hope you can see from the above how critically important you are to our mission to erase the need for abortion in Lake and Mendocino Counties. When you hear of our next grass roots fundraiser, I pray you quickly ask, “How can I bless TCLC and help them in their mission?”

Serving Him with you,
Nancie Hansen
Executive Director

“….We are the clay, and You our potter; and all of us are the work of Your hand.”
Isaiah 64:8

2017 Walk for Life and 5K Run

Spring is here and so is our 5k Run/Walk for Life! This is an important community event that helps raise funds for the day to day operation of TCLC. Each Walker will receive a colored wrist band and a nice large tote bag! This is an opportunity you really don’t want to miss! This year our theme is “Life is Fragile, Handle with Care.”
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AB775 and Our Appeal Update

Our attorneys currently are preparing to file their case with the Supreme Court and anticipate to be heard sometime this spring. Please continue to pray for the Supreme Court to overturn the lower courts ruling so that we are not required by law to refer for abortion. We will keep you apprised.

Our Front Row Seat

The Lord has brought us several abortion-minded and abortion-determined patients already this year. Although difficult as this may sound, we have seen the Lord bless our mission with many of these women who have decided to parent. One patient in particular comes to mind. She was getting ready to start rehab, not in a stable living condition. The father of the baby was not around so she felt it was not fair to keep the baby. Continue Reading






Please Consider

A ministry such as TCLC is made up of many parts. TCLC has been blessed with facilities, staff, a Godly Board of Directors, financial support, and you ………our partners in prayer and giving. We have been blessed with staff to cover the appointments, but no reserve. To grow and offer more services, or to cover for vacations and sick leave, our current option is “which clinic do we cancel in order to cover the gap?”

Nurses are needed for both Lake and Mendocino counties. A commitment of one 6 hour shift per week would make a big difference. You may be an RN or know an RN…..Please pray for additional staff. The number of women served is growing, the number of women deciding to become a follower of Jesus is growing………..please help us be available.



2017 Baby Bottle Fundraiser

Wow! 38 participating churches have returned their Baby Bottles to TCLC and we are about 85% counted. So far we have received $21,000. Many thanks to all of you who have joined in the fundraiser. We hope to partner with 18 additional churches in May for our Mother’s Day to Father’s Day Baby Bottle campaign.

Our goal this year is to raise $30,000. Praise be to our Father God as we are on track to reach that goal!!

Friends of TCLC!

Would you, or someone you know, be interested in serving with our team?

TCLC purpose is to compassionately share the gospel of Jesus Christ and to uphold the sanctity of human life.

We are currently seeking Advocates in Lake and Mendocino Counties. The Advocate leads patient appointments and works closely with the nursing staff. Without Advocates, we cannot see our patients. The Advocate’s role is an important part of the patient process.

Are you ready to help TCLC’s mission to erase the need for abortion in Lake and Mendocino counties by effectively serving pregnant, at-risk woman by transforming their fear into confidence?

Do not delay! Call Nancie at TCLC, 463-0220. We are looking forward to hearing from you!