Winter 2024 Newsletter

Our Road Forward—2024

In looking forward, it is often worthwhile to glance back and be reminded ‘from whence we came’. An excellent glimpse for this is provided in the book ‘Unexpected Choice’ by Patti Giebink, who tells of her journey as an abortion provider who was subsequently moved to a position supporting LIFE. As a doctor in the early days surrounding Roe V. Wade, she saw firsthand the destruction that was wrought through the ‘back-alley’ abortions—the sepsis and sometimes death of those who were desperate to end their pregnancies. Enter the bywords ‘Safe, Legal and Rare’ – the dangers are not disputed and we can certainly see from whence they came.

Fast forward to the current mantra, ‘My Body, My Choice’ and we see that what entered in the name of ‘safety’, is now being  enshrined in ‘human rights’, and has become as casual as a multivitamin. Incrementally, those original supporters of ‘safe, legal and rare’ have been moved to accept ‘choice’ as reason enough to end a pregnancy.  In that perception shift, they have been numbed to the reality of what actually takes place. Further insight can also be gained by watching a recent interview with Seth Gruber and Jack Hibbs here: Happening Now at Calvary Chapel Chino Hills / Seth Gruber & Pastor Jack Hibbs – YouTube.

No matter how you slice it, abortion still has not answered the question that underlies the whole issue—WHY do women seek to end their pregnancies? What circumstances stand out as being ‘insurmountable’ that a woman would consider such drastic measures to avoid pregnancy? In addressing those circumstances lies part of the answer, but not all.

These pressures may be financial, relational, and possibly health related (even emotional health) but the fact remains, when it is all said and done—abortion does not fix any of them. It only adds another unfortunate factor to the list. Abortion will never return a woman (or a couple, or even a family) back to ‘how it was’ before this child existed.  There will forever be a mark on the heart of every woman, every man, every family that can certainly be ignored (and often is), but it can never be removed or undone. Once a child has been conceived, there is a course of events that will follow (one way or another) and there is no backing up.

Another myth is that we are powerless in this battle—we aren’t. Wrapped in the gospel of love from our King of Kings is the very answer (Jesus) that our society, our families, our WOMEN need.  It covers EVERY pressure exerted by the purveyor of death (the devil), and provides the higher ground from which to live. It is the supply for every lack, the healing for every hurt, the direction for every lost way, the joy and strength to carry on.

These are our marching orders for 2024, to stand strong for LIFE, profess His covenant of Love tirelessly, and become that ‘City on a Hill’ that draws in those deceived by darkness. To ‘be the church’ that reaches out with a lamp of hope, a hand of help, and the power of prayer to those God puts in our path.  That they may see and grab hold of The Answer with all their might and be saved. It’s a life changer. It’s a society changer. It is truly ‘The Way, The Truth and The LIFE’! The world around us is groaning for it.  Let’s answer the Call.   

The Charlotte Lozier Report:

Maybe you have never heard of the Charlotte Lozier Report—read on to discover how this institute is invaluable to the Life affirming movement in our nation. Here is an excerpt from their website:  “Charlotte Lozier Institute advises and leads the pro-life movement with groundbreaking scientific, statistical, and medical research. We leverage this research to educate policymakers, the media, and the public on the value of life from fertilization to natural death.”

These experts in medicine, statistical analysis, and many other fields, strive to be “agents for change in the tradition of Charlotte Denman Lozier, a 19th century feminist physician dedicated to the Sanctity of Life and equal opportunities for women.”

Each year, the Lozier Institute prepares a report showing the quantity and value of services offered by pregnancy centers and clinics nationwide. They recently released their report for 2022 and the results are astounding. They use these results to advise legislators and other critical organizers about the strength and validity of our movement.

It often seems like a slow crawl to the finish line for individual clinics and centers, many of which are rural as we are. But together, (key word: TOGETHER) we are making a huge difference and abortion promoters are fearfully concerned. They may be able to get their laws passed, but when it comes down to changing a woman’s heart, we have the edge in Christ and you can see by the statistics to the right, that even as we serve one family at a time, we are making a difference!

It is your support that paves the way for these phenomenal results! We thank you for undergirding us, praying for us, and believing in the value of what God is doing through our clinics.

Make Plans to Attend Our Spring Concert!

April 18th and 19th

Special Guest: Faith Ingram

Make plans now to join us in April for an evening filled with praise and inspiration as we gather to glorify our wonderful Father for all He has done through this ministry. We are honored to have Faith Ingram share her story of being the child that was saved by a choice for Life even in the face of challenging circumstances.

Mark your calendars, warm up your voices and come be a part of ‘Our Story’.

Recommended Reading:

“Beyond Her Yes”
By Marisol Maldonado Rodriguez

By Michaelene Fredenburg

“Unexpected Choice”
By Dr. Patti Giebink, MD

Employment Opportunities

We have openings for Registered Nurses in both Ukiah and Clearlake clinics!

We also have an opening for a receptionist at the Clearlake clinic.

  Interested? Give us a call 707-463-0220 or check it out online:

(Click on ‘Get Involved’ and follow to ‘Job Opportunities’)

Nationwide Highlights

According to the Lozier Report, which took a census of 2750

centers and clinics like ours across the nation, our sector served:

16,050,312 Clients—virtually and in-person

(With a 97.4% Approval rating!)

Nationwide we also provided:

703,835 Free Pregnancy Tests

517,557 Free Ultrasounds

3,590,911 Packs of Diapers

1,216,438 Packs of Wipes

4,256,274 Baby Outfits

300,008 Containers of Baby Formula

43,192 Car Seats

23,486 Cribs

30,188 Strollers

Additionally, the following educational opportunities were offered for the benefit of:

408,301 Clients Attending Parenting Programs

19,383 Clients Receiving Post-Abortion Support

619,966 Students Attended Sexual Risk Avoidance Education

For a total value of :


Not only that, but of the 62,576 workers nationwide, over 71% are volunteers which includes 5,396 licensed medical professionals!

Together, we ARE making a difference!


          CATHY HOYT—Executive Director | DAVE DICK—Chairman
Please welcome our newest Board Member: SILVIA VALADEZ!

Argentinian president Javier Milei put it best when he said that he was in power not to guide sheep, but to awaken lions.

Volunteer Opportunities:

We are often asked what one can do on a volunteer basis for the clinics. While we have lots of letter folding, envelope stuffing and fundraiser prep, people are often looking for things more significant. Let some of these ideas percolate:

1. Organize a clothes and baby equipment ‘closet’ where we can refer women to come ‘shop’ (baby equipment must be new).

2. Sponsor a diaper drive. We give away lots of diapers!

3. Your church may have a liaison already but ‘Teamwork makes the Dream Work’—build a church ‘liaison team’ to spread the WORD!

2024 March for Life—Washington D.C. :
With Every Woman, For Every Child

The National March for Life was held recently on Friday, January 19th in Washington D.C. Their theme perfectly describes our emphasis in serving patients. We are truly prepared to walk alongside every woman that enters our doors. Our aim is to remove every obstacle from her choice of LIFE for her baby. From the resource list we provide, to the evidence-based education we share about her options, and the reality of the LIFE within her womb. We are determined to present a Life-affirming foundation for her path forward.

For those who didn’t make it to the D.C. march, there were many great speakers such as our new Speaker-of-the-House Mike Johnson, Head Coach Jim Harbaugh, representatives for Students for Life, the Heritage Foundation and many powerful testimonies of how pregnancy centers have changed lives and impacted families.  You can watch the whole 3+ hours right here:

More great news: Students for Life lobbied for the Pregnant Students’ Rights Act (H.R. 6914), a bill that  “requires institutions of higher education to disseminate information on the rights of, and accommodations and resources for, pregnant students, and for other purposes.”  In other words, colleges and universities would be required to communicate the Title IX protections/provisions in place for pregnant and parenting mothers and commit to helping these mothers complete their education.  This bill passed the House on January 19th and is now being considered by the U.S. Senate. Pray for its success.

The California March for Life will be Monday, April 22nd in Sacramento. This is a great opportunity to join with others and demonstrate our common stand for LIFE. Rally will begin at noon with the March commencing shortly thereafter.  Special speakers will be announced soon—all will be worth the drive.  At the conclusion of the march there will be opportunities to visit with the speakers and our legislators—let’s build a rapport for the side of LIFE! Follow this link for more information :