Our Front Row Seat

The Lord is faithful to connect us with abortion-minded and abortion-determined patients regularly.

Although we could tell you many stories, we have selected a few to share with you – and of course, the names and some details have been altered to protect their identity.

One patient story that particularly comes to mind is a woman, that was getting ready to start rehab, not in a stable living condition. The father of the baby was not around so she felt it was not fair to keep the baby.

She listened intently to all her options and then closely watched the ultrasound screen. When she saw her little tiny baby on that screen, she was visibly emotional. She thought she saw a hand and stated, “It’s already a little person!” The ultrasound allowed our patient to see the truth of what was in her womb and she decided to keep her baby.

Another woman visited us recently with the intent to take the abortion pill once her pregnancy was confirmed.  During the consultation portion of her appointment, she seemed unmoved by the information given.  However, in the exam room, she was able to hear the heartbeat of the new life within her.  She not only chose life for her baby, but after seeing this indisputable reality, she also discarded her casual acceptance of abortion.

Stories like these would not be possible without our devoted staff, volunteers, donors and partner churches. We thank you for your continued support in the vision to ‘Erase the Need for Abortion in Lake and Mendocino Counties by serving pregnant, at-risk women, changing their fear into confidence’.

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