Summer Newsletter 2017

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From Nancie’s Desk

Dear Friend of TCLC,

There has been no such thing as the lazy days of summer here  at TCLC.  We thank God for this!  We continue to serve women ranging from 15 years old to early 40’s, who believe that abortion is the answer.  Because of your faithful prayer and/or financial support, TCLC staff has the privilege to provide them with information that they won’t receive at our local  abortion provider.  Many women who have used their services comment on how different their experience is with us.  Please know that we thank God for you every day because though you may not be here on the front line with us, your belief in Him who creates Life and your commitment to stand in the gap for these confused, frightened, abortion-minded women, allows us the opportunity to make a difference…..all by God’s grace.

For many months we have prayed and asked you to pray and consider who might join our staff as a nurse and/or advocate so that we can serve even more women.  God is answering your prayers (see the next page).  It is so important for our staffing to grow as we want to expand services in Lake County as well as Mendocino County.  When a women is desperate to confirm her pregnancy, we want to have an appointment we can schedule for them right then.  We find this most critical in Lake County because we are presently only there two days per week.  Imagine if our mobile could be parked in a well-travelled part of Highway 20 , 53 or 29.  It only takes seeing our mobile a few times and then when someone needs our help, they know where to find us.  The big problem, though, is we need more nurses.  We always need more nurses!!! So if you know of any Christian nurse who  might be able to serve one day per week for only five hours in Lake County or six hours in Mendocino County, please tell us or have them call me .

I am very excited for this year’s Banquet (well, truthfully, I’m excited for every year’s Banquet!)  However, with all of the cases before courts across the nation that have to do with your and my religious freedoms and our First Amendment rights, there is no better banquet to attend this year than ours!!!  I look forward to filling every seat at Redwood Valley Community Church and Grace Church in Kelseyville.  Grab family, friends, your pastor and join us as we make OUR HIGHEST APPEAL!

“Rejoicing in hope, persevering in tribulation, devoted to prayer”   Romans 12:12

Fall Banquet Announcement!

Our Highest Appeal Banner

TCLC would like to tell you about an interesting, hard-working man from Virginia, Thomas Glessner.  You would be pleased to know that within his gentle southern disposition is packed a determined and passionate man of God, who is focused on standing firm in his obsession to end abortion.  After college, his journey took him to law school which gave him the tools to defend Life, resulting in his starting four pregnancy centers in the Northwest.  Tom was pushed into the national pro-life scene as CEO of Christian Action Council (aka CareNet). From that position, he strengthened pregnancy centers across the nation by providing resources for training of board members and directors.

In order to meet the growing threat to Life and families, Tom founded the National Institute of Family and Life Advocates (NIFLA). Since its inception, NIFLA and Tom have been the conduit in providing critical resources for advocating Life in a culture of death.  Even now, as pregnancy centers in California face the restrictions of freedom of speech and First Amendment protections, Tom is leaning on his God-given drive and determination to make Our Highest Appeal.

On Thursday, October 19th, at Redwood Valley Community Church, and Friday, October 20th, at Grace Church, Kelseyville, Tom will share his knowledge and passion about our current case before the Supreme Court of the United States.  He will be part of the legal team arguing our case before the Court.   Come hear Tom provide us with clarification of the impact this First Amendment case will have on our religious freedoms in general but more specifically for pregnancy medical clinics.

Join us for a complimentary dinner, music, an update on TCLC and a message from Tom that you won’t want to miss!  Doors open at 6:45pm.  Program starts at 7:00pm.  Tickets are free but required.  You can find out more at


Welcome Ruth Cover, RN

Ruth with Carol

Carol showing Ruth the ultrasound

While at church on a Sunday morning, Ruth heard that TCLC was in need of additional nurses.  The following day she called and let us know that she would like to consider serving at TCLC.  We didn’t look back for a second after that!!  Ruth began sonography training in May when Cathy McCready, RDMS, began to acclimate her to our ultrasound machine.  In June, Ruth travelled to San Diego to be trained by another RDMS, Jamie Hay, and recently met her quota of ultrasound scans in order to work independently.  Now she just needs to complete her OT training and TCLC will have an additional nurse to meet the needs of our ever-growing patient flow.


Kathy McCready on the ultrasound

A Master Impact


Meet Grace Morrison who is a graduate student from the University of Wisconsin.  Over the summer, Grace has been observing our patient service delivery model, OT (Optimizational Tool). She is writing her master thesis on the effectiveness of the work of pregnancy medical clinics in the local community.  She tells us that there is no scholarship published with regards to this issue.  She interviewed our staff and observed patient intake.  She promises to send us a copy of her master thesis when it is complete!






News on Our Case Before the Highest Court

The Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) has set a conference for September 25, 2017 to decide if it will accept NIFLA’s (our affiliate) appeal in the case of NIFLA vs. Becerra.  Our case seeks a preliminary injunction prohibiting enforcement of the law enacted on January 1, 2015 mandating all pro-life medical clinics in California to post a sign in their waiting areas that provide information on how to obtain a state-funded abortion.

Noncompliance could trigger massive fines and penalties, which would severely hinder the work of almost 200 life-affirming  ministries in CA and possibly close them down.  Both the Federal District Court and the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals have denied our motion for preliminary injunction and that is why we continue to pray that SCOTUS will accept our case on September 25th and be heard this fall.

But There is Some Good News……

As we await a decision from SCOTUS, we have received great news from Southern California and the State of Illinois.  In a lawsuit filed by the Scharpen Foundation on behalf of its mobile unit, a state trial judge has ruled that the Reproductive Fact Act (AB775) is unconstitutional.  The court’s ruling was based upon the California State Constitution, but relied heavily on SCOTUS precedents.  While this case is not binding it clearly shows that there is disagreement in the legal field with the decision of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.  This will be a good reason for SCOTUS to select our case for hearing.

The State of Illinois passed a law in 2016 that mandates all physicians refer for abortion, regardless of their moral convictions.  This law essentially means that NIFLA’s 58 members in Illinois operating as medical clinics must become abortion referral agencies.  As in California, on behalf of their membership, NIFLA filed suit with Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) seeking an Injunction against the State of Illinois.  The court there granted a preliminary injunction against the law!!!

We Need Your Prayers

It is time NOW for people of faith to unite in prayer for these matters.  Up through September 25th, individuals, pregnancy centers and churches are interceding on behalf of medical clinics like ours in our nation to specifically pray that our case will be accepted by The Supreme Court for review.  Will you join us?

A Patient Story- Continued

“Good afternoon, TCLC. This is Sally. How can I help you?” I answer eagerly. It’s the first call of the day. I have a stack of charts on my desk, but I appreciate a break to answer the phone. The woman on the line sounds really nervous, so I use my friendliest voice, “Sure, what type of an appointment were you wanting to make?”

“I need to stop a pregnancy,” she says with difficulty. Oh no. This is the call I prayed for this morning. I pull out my script. I need to get this right. This might be my only chance to reach her. “Well, have you had your pregnancy confirmed?” This is a matter of life and death…

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