Summer 2023 Newsletter

Caption: These are the happy faces of walkers putting their ‘Faith Forward’ as they enjoyed our new Color Blast Walk event. We had three locations across Mendo and Lake Counties. These walkers raised funds and awareness for our two clinics!

It was a BLAST!

This year’s Color Blast Walk for Life was truly a BLAST! Many thanks to every walker who participated and super thanks to all of their sponsors! We are also thankful for the many volunteers that helped out at each site. Here are the stats:

   We had 57 walkers (plus guests and family members) across Lake and Mendocino Counties at 3 locations. Our top Walk earner was able to garner $2,285 in support as they simply shared with others about what we do for women. The church with the most walkers was First Assembly of God Clearlake with 10 registered walkers, and the Walk site that sported the highest sponsorship this year was Ukiah with $11,521.03 dollars. We find that people continue to pledge support even after the event is over so it is hard to give a final total but at the time of  this printing, you all had gathered a total of $21,908.03! You have our heartfelt thanks!

Putting our FAITH FORWARD, together we can continue the mission of: Erasing the Need for Abortion in Lake and Mendocino Counties!! 

Hope VS Optimism

As our society and value system shifts daily away from a biblical worldview, including devaluing life in the womb, our optimism for this world can easily fade… and so it should.

As Christians, we are not called to optimism, we are to stand in faith informed by Hope

What is the difference?  Optimism is informed by circumstance which is subject to change—especially in a world where man is more actively rejecting the biblical principles and morals to which we adhere as Christians.  Hope on the other hand, is informed by the solid foundation of God’s promises found in His Word, which is eternal and a sure foundation for our faith.

We see this displayed vividly in the ‘Stockdale Paradox’, named after Vice Admiral James Stockdale, a Vietnam War veteran and POW for 7 years.  In explanation of his ability to endure that hardship, he explains that “We must maintain unwavering faith that we can and will prevail in the end, regardless of the difficulties, and at the same time, have the discipline to confront the most brutal facts of our current reality, whatever they might be.”

This battle for Life is one that we must set ourselves to win, regardless of the obstacles, the negative press, the oppressive legislation, the physical danger and the social unpopularity. As Father Neuhaus says, we do not have the right to despair but need to have the unblinking faith that our God will and is seeing us through.  It is the right path—Life is worth defending.

Super thanks to everyone who participated in our June Matching Campaign! We thank the 3 ‘Community Life Builders’ – Strohmeiers Auto Center, Obenyah LLP CPAs, and Greg Hoyt Construction, Inc., who joined together to offer a first time challenge of $5000. They offered to double your gifts during the month of June up to $5000 and you rose to the challenge. Between your on and offline gifts—we had great success! Many, many thanks!

Interested in becoming a Community Life Builder (aka Pro-Life Christian business owner)? Call us @ 707-463-0220

Be sure to Save the Date for our Fall event with special guest speaker, Autumn Higashi! 

We have some fun things planned and you will be impressed with Autumn’s story of courage!  As a teen and member of Students for Life at her local school, Autumn spoke out for Life and then things went viral

Come hear her story and invite a friend to join you for an evening you are sure to enjoy!
Two locations to choose from:

Grace Church in Kelseyville—Thursday, October 12th
Redwood Valley Community Church—Friday, October 13th

Starting at 6pm, we’ll feed you, we’ll have some fun and we’ll inspire you.All for FREE as we ‘Unite for Life’.  Bring your youth group!!!!

California Pregnancy Center Execs Go to Sacramento!

July 13th was an exciting day!  It marked the first day of the California Alliance of Pregnancy Centers (CAPC) Directors’ Summit.  It also marked the last day of the state legislative session before summer break and we were invited to be honored before both the California Senate and House. Afterwards, we took the opportunity to visit with our local legislators before they returned to their home districts.

Caption: CAPC members and staff in front of the Sacramento Capitol— showing up for Life!

We brought information about our clinics, the services we offer and the people groups we serve to bring better clarity to our governing officials as they consider the various pieces of legislation that have been presented.  Our aim was to put a human face and a live story to each clinic in the minds of our representatives; to simply open a dialogue.

Our legislators receive many letters, phone calls and emails, but often their constituents are fearful of having a ‘face-to-face’.  We want to break through that barrier and bring the reality of who we are and why we serve and most especially—WHY YOU GIVE—to their attention.

Abortion is the denial of equality, independence and liberty to the most vulnerable.  We must be vigilant in making our voices heard, opening conversations in a provocative and convincing way to make the most of every opportunity. Their inalienable right to Life depends on it.

‘In-House’ Stories – Why We Do and Give and Pray

As we interact with donors, pastors, and fellow staff members, we can’t help but share our common ‘Life’ stories. A national statistic reveals that approximately 80% of staff members in pregnancy clinics and resource centers are post-abortive. We might imagine that a similar statistic could be derived for our donors’ abortion experience, either directly or indirectly through a family member. As much as society ‘looks the other way’, it is evident that these ‘incidents’ greatly impact the lives of more than ‘just a few’. The donors, the pastors, the volunteers who have shared their life-changing experiences, are now quite passionate on behalf of those who cannot speak for themselves.

Many tell the story openly of their ‘near abortion’, and the magnitude of circumstances that surrounded the decision. Yet miraculously, there were choices for Life and some of us are glad to be counted as survivors!

For others, the pressures of this world were great and regretful choices were made, lives were lost. Our God however, can redirect us as we listen, receive the cover of the blood of Jesus and make the changes He sets before us.

The regret is real, but He can change the real to ‘zeal’ as we join together to help others choose more wisely. It is a passion that is fueled by personal experience and love – to help us all lead meaningful, shame-free lives. It is our mandate to be that light in the darkness.

The passion is powerful and the burden to help is addicting. We deeply appreciate the passion we see in each and every gift you give, every hour volunteered, every suggestion given. We know they are not given lightly but with a deep desire to make a difference in someone’s life before it is too late.  We are blessed to be an avenue of hope, help and truth—blessed to have all of YOU as partners.


If you are post-abortive and need to turn your regret around and receive the healing that our Good Father provides,
call us 707-463-0220.