Summer 2022 Newsletter

Serve Women, Save Lives, Don’t STOP!

Below you will see the damage done to one of our ‘sister’ clinics in Buffalo, New York. We are thankful that we did not incur any damage or mal intent after the Dobbs case verdict was announced in June.

Serve Women, Save Lives, Don’t Stop are the words that came from our cohort clinics in New York after being attacked in the ‘before and after’-math of the Dobbs decision from SCOTUS. They were not deterred even after being

vandalized, firebombed and threatened. Did they back off from serving women? Not a chance! Within 24 hours they had located another facility in order to continue to serve their patients! Not only that but they are now building back BIGGER and adding 30% more space to their clinic.

We are inspired and encouraged to follow their example of boldness to never back down from declaring the truth and providing information about all the options available to women. We are not afraid to give women ALL the information they need to make healthy choices for themselves and their families. We refuse to back down or reduce our services or our message in the face of opposition, but rather continue to expand and take the higher ground for LIFE! \We believe an informed client is an empowered client because information drives out fear and replaces it with confidence!  

Consequently, we are pleased to announce that we (at long last) have our legal ducks in a row to expand our services by offering the Abortion Pill Reversal treatment to women that have second thoughts after ingesting the first of the 2-part chemical abortion pill regime. It was approximately 2 years ago that we began the footwork needed to add this service to our protocol so we are excited that at this political juncture we not only can expand our services but on its heels, will be the opening of our new location in Clearlake sometime in the Fall. Stay tuned for our Grand Opening Celebration!


The Anniversary

Many of us are not aware of ‘The Anniversary’ that usually goes un-celebrated, but rarely passes un-noticed by those who have experienced an abortion. Yes, the anniversary of their abortion. It is a date that is hard to forget for most. It was a decision that is often regretted, frequently still mourned, and for many it is kept undisclosed to those around them—often even the closest of family members, perhaps even a spouse. It is a date that many times happened decades earlier in life and by now, one would think it would have faded, but the memory is still there.

This is the insidiously debilitating part of abortion that is kept out of the limelight by its supporters and is the least expected occurrence by the trusting women that succumb to the lies of our current society that has thrown the value of human life to the ground in so many arenas. It is a decision that cannot be taken back. There are no ‘do-overs’ when it comes to abortion—but there is the freedom of FORGIVENESS accompanied by an abundance of mercy and grace from our good and faithful Father God to bring back a broken life into the fullness that it was destined to possess! That’s where our post-abortion recovery program, Living in Color comes in to play. This program is specifically designed to restore the hearts and lives of women that have experienced the pain of abortion. We give them a new anniversary to celebrate—the one where they came out of darkness and back into the light of freedom that forgiveness and restoration provide. It is like taking off a weight that you never thought possible, a weight that seemed like it would be there forever.  

Believe it or not, statistically, nearly 80% of women that work in pregnancy centers such as Mendo Lake Women’s Clinic, are post-abortive and are there to help others avoid the mistakes they made in ignorance. Living in Color was born from that desire to rescue women that have an ‘anniversary’ in their lives. Another  interesting statistic is that there may be many women reading this newsletter that are in this situation. We encourage you to reach out to us (all inquiries are confidential). Contact Jennifer at 707-463-0220

Staffing Update:

Welcome to Our New Advocates!

We are very happy to be busy training our two new advocates—Andrea and Euni! We also have an RN that has applied to serve in Clearlake! It is exciting to watch God build the house!  

We still need another receptionist to serve in Clearlake and another advocate and RN to serve in Ukiah. Please pray about these opportunities and contact Cathy Hoyt, 463-0220, if you are available or have questions. We provide training!

Bubble Walk for Life Results

Total Raised/Pledged: $21,970  

Highest Walker: $3,165.00 – Pastor Doug Thompson

Highest Earning Walk Site: $10,405.00 – Clearlake Austin Park

Total Walkers:  44

Total Sponsors:  214

Many thanks to all the Walkers that came to share our bubbly excitement about our new Clearlake clinic and the many lives we are about to touch there!

Many thanks also to all of you who were Sponsors —we couldn’t do it without you. It takes ALL of us!

Clearlake History

In preparation for our new clinic in Clearlake, we have been assessing our needs for furnishings, supplies, and other materials so that we will be ready to serve. As we were going through the stash of items saved from the mobile clinic on that fateful, rain-inundated day that destroyed our mobile, we found a mileage log that revealed that in over 6 years from October 2012 to January 2019, we traveled more than 18,000 miles through Lake County serving approximately 149 women with unplanned pregnancies!  

We also used over 2506 gals of gas which at today’s prices might be as much as $15,000! We look forward to being in our brick and mortar sometime this Fall to take up where the mobile unit left off!

In current news, our use permit application is making progress through the system. We may be in front of the planning commission as soon as July 26th, but more likely it will be the August 9th meeting. If you would like to attend this meeting, let us know and we will update you as soon as we have definite information. There may or may not be opportunity for the public to comment but it will be a great show of interest to the commission to see a crowd!

Items for your prayer list:

  • Approval from the planning commission!
  • Coordination of all the various parts of this project to run smoothly.
  • Favor and supernatural speed in receiving our approval from the Calif. Dept of Health!

BOARD OF DIRECTORS—Welcome our NEW Board Members!

CATHY HOYT—Chairperson  |   KEVIN THOMPSON— Vice Chairperson/Secretary    |   DAVE DICK—Treasurer                 

PR. DANY BENITEZ—Chaplain  |   MARGIE ROBERT—New Member  |    CHARITY RENTIE—New Member


Semi Annual Statistics—Jan to June

(with 2021 stats in parenthesis where available)

Online Requests: 69 ( 34 )

Phone Calls: 110 (102)

Walk-ins: 6 (0)

Scheduled: 117 (75)

Total New Patients Arrived: 95 (68)

16 cancelled/rescheduled*  9 no shows

(3 cancelled/rescheduled*  5 no shows)

Abortion Vulnerability:

Carry to term: 8 (8)

 Abortion Vulnerable/Minded: 74 (53)

 Abortion Determined: 13 (8)

Confirmed Abortions: 3 (5)


Gospel presented: 43 (44)

Looking forward, we are estimating that we will connect with as many as 230 women by the end of the year!

*Many women start their period in the few days before their appointment occurs and no longer need to see us.

This is What Our Patients Say:

At the end of every appointment, we ask our patients to give us a little feedback. It is accumulated anonymously so they are able to be frank about their experience. We use this information to hone in our services to better meet the needs of our patients and accomplish:   

Our Mission to ‘Erase the need for abortion in Lake and Mendocino Counties through effectively serving pregnant, at-risk women by transforming her fear into confidence.’ 

Our Vision to ‘Reach the right women, at the right time, and serve them in the right way for the greatest possible gain on behalf of patients, babies, staff, donors, the community and God.’   

When we hear: ‘It’s a good resource’ and ‘Knowledgeable and friendly staff’, we know we are on the right track in presenting the information women need to sort out the complexities and choices they believe they are facing. It is evidence that the fear we often initially detect from a patient is beginning to dissolve in the presence of the truth. Mission accomplished!

When we hear:  ‘Great communication and care’ and ‘Super professional’, we know we are not only fulfilling our mission but also our vision of providing top notch service to the ‘Right women, at the Right Time, and Serve Them in the Right Way.’ In these days, we are seeing more ‘abortion-minded’ and ‘abortion-determined’ women than ever before through the marketing efforts your dollars allow us to pursue.  

When we hear:  ‘Very generous and welcoming’ and ‘Very helpful and respectful’, we know we are hitting on all cylinders to complete our vision of serving our patients ‘For the greatest possible gain.’

When we hear:  ‘So sweet’ and ‘Understanding … Positive attitude’, we know that the kindness of God is shining brightly through everything we do and busy planting seeds that have no words! Using the language of Love woven into our entire patient experience, we minister the love of God even before we share the good news of Jesus with them.  

And lastly, when we find that in a survey of post-abortive American women, 84% wished they had been given more information about it before they had made their choice, we are convinced that our mission here is not just important, it is VITAL! AND YOUR GENEROUS DONATIONS PUT US IN THE DRIVER’S SEAT TO MAKE IT HAPPEN! We are so very thankful for each and every one of you! We will NOT shrink back, no matter what! Unborn lives, mis-informed women and the families they represent are depending on us!