Spring Newsletter 2017

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From Nancie’s Desk

Dear Friend of TCLC,

I stand amazed that almost half of 2017 is behind us!  What a whirlwind it has been. TCLC has served more new patients than ever before year-to-date, most of them truly pregnant (79%), most of those abortion-vulnerable or abortion-minded (86%) and of those, we have confirmed two precious lives lost to abortion. TCLC’s services are so vital to our community.

Recent research shows that at any one time there are 1,285 pregnant women in Lake and Mendocino Counties.  Some have just found out they are pregnant while others are about to give birth… and then there are those who are unsure about the outcome of their pregnancy.

Because of our loyal and generous donors, TCLC is slowly, but definitely surely, becoming a woman’s first stop along their unplanned pregnancy journey. TCLC receives no funds from the government or grants from foundations.  We solely exist by the grace of God and how He works in your heart to support His ministry.

Through your support, we have boosted our exposure on the internet which has resulted in the increase in new patients.  In fact, we receive many calls from people who believe they are contacting Planned Parenthood instead of us!  It’s all due to our marketing strategy and God’s unending grace! (See Patient Story on the back page).

Ten years ago, we became licensed by the State of California as a primary care clinic.  Since then, our services include pregnancy tests, options consultation, limited obstetrical ultrasounds and STD testing and treatment.  It is these services, offered in a professional and loving way, that have given our patients the truth …. all the truth …. about their situation.  There is no arm-twisting or manipulation …. just plain truth …. about abortion, adoption and parenting, followed by an ultrasound that allows a woman to see the life within her.  Sometimes that moment is hard to embrace and we consider it a privilege to walk the hard road with them.

As you can see, TCLC plays a critical role in Lake and Mendocino Counties (see New Patient Stats below).  Without your financial support, we would not be able to keep our doors open or the mobile rolling.  On May 13th, we were blessed by many supporters coming out for the Walk for Life, representing their sponsors who shared their treasures in order that we can continue to serve women facing unplanned pregnancies.  But we can’t stop there.

If you are already a monthly donor, we thank God for your continued generous support.  If you haven’t yet committed to being a monthly donor, I ask that you prayerfully consider it.  Though fundraisers like the recent Walk for Life clearly add to our general fund, a consistent monthly donation allows TCLC a firm foundation on which to plan for the months ahead.

We thank our awesome and sovereign God for allowing us to serve and prayerfully ask you to partner with Him and us so we can continue to be a blessing in our communities.

Serving Him with you,
Nancie Hansen
Executive Director

A Walk Success!

This year’s walk ended up being a very beautiful day. Perhaps a little windy at times, but the sun was out and so were all of you! We are so happy to have met all of you and all the new walkers who joined our team.

A special surprise was the number of Pastors from both counties that showed up. We gave all the Pastors a bright red shirt for the walk and it was encouraging to see all the red shirts mixed in with the walkers.

This year we had 80 registered walkers from both Lake and Mendocino counties. Through the hard work of all the walkers and sacrifices from their sponsors, we raised over $27,000. That’s amazing! We had 438 sponsors from coast to coast making a difference in our little community.

We sent an award to the churches with most walkers from each county, and they were given to First Assembly of God Clearlake and Potter Valley Bible Church. Walkers with the most sponsors in each county were Julie Dobbs and Jenny Wilcox. The fastest runners in the Kids division was Emily Henebury; Teen division, Phillip Henebury; Adult division, Rick and Getse Harbeck.

Thank you to everyone that helped us make this walk a great success! We had a bounce house for the kids, games, music, and an endless space for walking and running around. This was a great family event and we all had such a great time. We also had some delicious BBQ hotdogs and hamburgers. Check out the picture gallery here!

Church Leaders at Walk

FROM LEFT: Chris Massengil (First Assembly of God Clearlake), Tim Miller (First Baptist Clearlake Oaks), Mark Anderson (Lucerne Community), Richard Whipkey (Grace Community Willits), Paul Henebury (Agape Bible), Chuck Williamson (Willits Bible), Moses Zapata (New Hope Fellowship), Steve Snyder (First Assembly of God Clearlake), Mark Zeek (First Baptist Willits), Ray Smith (Clear Lake Baptist), Tony Arnds (Potter Valley Bible), Eric Peterman (Grace Bible Fellowship). Not pictured: Kevin McDougall (Redwood Valley Community)



New Hope Fellowship Hikers

Many thanks to Lakeport New Hope Fellowship for creating a special “Hike” for Life. They couldn’t make it to our Ukiah event, so they swapped running shoes for hiking boots and went out to Highland Springs.






Advocate Needed

Do you have five hours to spare once a week and have a desire to serve the women (like the story below) of Lake and Mendocino counties? We are currently seeking Patient Advocates for both  the main office in Ukiah and mobile clinic in Lake County.

Are you wondering what a Patient Advocate does? The Patient Advocate walks the patient through their appointment as their support person who reviews pregnancy options and assesses their referral needs. Not to worry, you will be fully trained in how this process works!

Please call and ask to speak to Nancie to see if the Patient Advocate position is the right fit for you!

Nurse Needed

Did you know that Lake County has one of the highest teen pregnancy rates in California? Our presence in Lake County is critical! It is important that more nurses be hired and trained to keep the mobile  clinic staffed. Once training is completed, a nurse only needs to work one 5-hour shift per week. Are you an RN or know of an RN who could work one day per week? Please call TCLC and speak with Nancie if you or someone you know is interested.

NEW! Patient Stats- Year to date

Google Searches: over 2,500
Google/Facebook Clicks:  over 250
Online Requests: 42
Phone Calls: 200
Walk-ins: 22
Scheduled: 121
Total Patients Arrived: 106
Actually Pregnant: 84
Abortion Vulnerable/Minded: 72
Confirmed Abortions: 2
Accepted the Lord: 12

A Patient Story

I’m sitting in the bathroom. It’s still early, the kids aren’t up and I’m sitting here shaking with anxiety. I wait for my husband to leave so I can take the test. I couldn’t look at his face when he left. If this test is positive, it can’t be positive, I can’t be pregnant. I can’t tell him it might not be his.

My phone timer rings with a loud beep and I nearly fall off the edge of the tub. It’s the moment of truth. I stretch my neck over towards the sink and peek at the test. The anxiety deepens. My heart stops for what feels like an hour. Two lines. Two blue lines. I can’t believe this happened to me.

It’s now a few sleepless days later and I know my time is running out. I can’t keep the….. I can’t be pregnant. I was out with my friends after work one night. I might have had one too many drinks, but I wasn’t out of control. That’s when I ran into Mike. It didn’t start out to be anything. It just happened. Oh no. This is making it worse. That’s it, I must go take care of this before I start showing. Before my husband finds out… before anyone finds out. Tonight. I’ll make the phone call tonight…

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Thanks again to our Sponsors for this years Walk!