Spring 2023 Newsletter

SOHL Sunday Open House

Above, you can see the action recently at our Sanctity of Human Life Sunday (SOHL) Open House event when we hosted all of you to tours, fellowship and prayer at each of our clinic locations!

Oh The Happy Faces! We were so blessed by the many who came to our Open House event that honored Sanctity of Human Life Sunday. We rejoiced, we prayed, we enjoyed some wonderful fellowship! If you missed it, no worries—we will do it again next year! Be sure to join us!

Our Clearlake Clinic received the special blessing of a horde (we mean HORDE) of powerful prayer warriors who anointed and prayed over every square inch of our new facility! It was indeed a perfect way to baptize our new clinic which will be opening very soon! We very much thank all of you who attended this first-time event and ‘baptism of prayer’ for the new clinic.

Meanwhile, A Special Shout-out goes to one of our supporters—Super Sue Cortez, who owns Vision Painting! While all the attention was on Clearlake last year, Super Sue donated her crew and expertise to help us update the Ukiah clinic with some fresh paint and a very classy new look! (Those who visited the Ukiah clinic open house were able to see the results of her work in person!) Thank you Sue! (Psst: If you need someone to paint your house, give her a call!)



40 Days for Life is famed with converting Abby Johnson (Author of ‘Unplanned’ and special speaker for us in 2019) to Pro-Life during one of their annual prayer vigils out in front of Planned Parenthood (PP) Clinics. They began with an annual vigil during Lent, but have recently expanded to other times of the year as well. They report several interesting statistics, the most striking is that when they are praying outside of a PP clinic, the ‘no-show rate’ for abortion-minded women keeping their abortion appointments goes as high as 75%! That’s a win no matter how you slice it!  40 Days is currently in the midst of this year’s vigil and surprisingly the Northern California PP Operations Director recently confirmed publicly this ‘no-show’ effect at a recent press conference in Napa. We are thankful for these partners for Life. Watch this clip to hear more: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_zFcxcaPDpQ

Family Research Council headed by Tony Perkins (Guest speaker for us in 2021) has a new series out that is excellent, bringing understanding to ‘Biblical Worldview’ and how to stand strong. A six video series with a variety of well-known speakers is available to stream online here: https://www.frc.org/worldview

California Family Council published its list of legislation to watch which includes California’s liberal answer to the Texas Heartbeat bill—AB 315. It allows a private individual to sue a pregnancy center (or church) over misleading advertising on their website or other marketing venues. In anticipation of this legislation, we have double and triple checked our outreach methods, blessed by the diligence of our recently retired Executive Director, Nancie Hansen, who was extremely precise in every aspect of our public face to the client. Find out more from the CFC by heading here:  https://www.californiafamily.org/

Abortion Free Zoneshave you heard of them?  They are popping up around the country in communities (even within liberal states) that come together to stand up for Life. This demonstrates the power of grass roots efforts. Even though an area might be small (maybe just your block of the neighborhood), it sends a message! Various cities, towns and counties are voting to become Abortion Free Zones despite legislation from their state level bodies. It can start with just one person, or just one church—THE POWER OF ONE!

New Ways to Give to The Center

Online giving has always been available at www.tclcdonors.com/donations, but we have recently created a Venmo account to make it even easier for you to be a part of the action.  You can scan the code and give from the convenience of your PHONE!  Or if you prefer—our Venmo user name is:  @thecenterukiah4Life

Interested in become a monthly giver?  Call us (707) 463-0220

venmo QR

Get ready to praise at our Spring Concert event: CELEBRATE LIFE!

We have reason to be thankful for so much God has done and we are going to celebrate!  Please join us for a fabulous evening of praise, inspiration and challenge. We have assembled an All-Star worship team from across Mendo and Lake counties to lead us.

You won’t want to miss this!!

Tiffany Edwards is our featured speaker this evening, sharing from her personal experience facing the abortion choice in her own life—all the more reason to

Save The Date for your location April 13th or 14th!

Come for the Worship—Partner with us for the Cause! (…and Stay for the Cookies!)


We recently hosted pastors to a scrumptious breakfast at which we shared lots of helpful information about our clinic activities. At that meeting, we also highlighted a wonderful success story—a story that demonstrates the power of partnership between our ministry and the local church. Here are some excerpts:

“Hi, my name is Lindsay. I’m a married homeschool mama of 2 boys ages 5 and 10. If you would’ve asked me a decade ago where I thought I’d be- this wouldn’t have been it!  In September of 2011, I was living in a van with my boyfriend, addicted to heroin and pain pills. One morning I woke up sick. I suspected that I may be pregnant and bought a drug store test. It came back positive!”

“Panic and denial settled in as I thought “those aren’t always accurate; I need a professional test.” I googled free pregnancy testing and The Center for Life Choices popped up, as did Planned Parenthood. For some reason I was drawn to the former. I made an appt with them then sat with a cascade of emotions! I lived a feral life for so long, was I even capable of being a good parent? A strong feeling of unworthiness crept into my heart. I was encouraged by some friends who had a baby that I could do it. But I was also frowned upon by others. How could a junkie living in a van ever be a good mother? Even though I was lost and unsure about what I was doing I stopped using drugs.

Appointment time came. I can’t remember every detail but what I’ll never forget is the feeling I felt. I was encouraged in a very gentle way that I could do this! I saw the ultrasound photo, my baby. He was called a baby.Words matter when you’re this vulnerable. The decision to keep my baby was the 1st step of many that God used to call me to Him.”

“My baby boy was about 2 months old when I realized I couldn’t do this alone. I had my boyfriend but the type of support I needed was bigger than both of us. One Sunday I packed up my li’l boy, whom I named Townes, and drove toward the [church down the street with] ‘the sign.’ I had long dreadlocks, tattoos, messy clothes, but a heart wide open! Everyone was so kind and warm, it just felt right to be there.”


Be a Liaison for Life!

Have you been thinking about getting involved at the Center?  An important way is the role of Liaison.

What is a Liaison for Life?  It is someone with a passion for the Life message that helps their church connect with our mission.  They are key in conveying information to their fellow church members about our events and activities.  They come alongside their pastors and fulfill easy tasks such as handing out bulletin inserts or helping with signup sheets for our events.  Interested?  Call us today—(707) 463-0220

Baby Bottle Campaign

Super Thanks to the more than 30 churches who participated in our January Baby Bottle campaign! 

Our busy volunteers have succeeded in emptying the bottles received thus far and we are well on our way to the BEST YEAR EVER!  Our slogan ‘Your Change Can Change a Life’ is quite true.  We see it everyday here at the clinic and our extreme thanks go to you ALL!