A Patient Story – The Finale

Ashley left the ultrasound room with a sense that a huge weight had been lifted off her shoulders. The baby is Dave’s! So, when Sally asked her how she felt she couldn’t help but let a smile shine through. The one-night mistake was in the past, and now a new baby with a bright future was ahead. Sally then asked Ashley if she was part of any church or religious organization. Ashley was a little surprised, but she knew it was a genuine question and not an accusation. She was raised within a Catholic home when she was younger, but as she got older she never had a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  Sally walked her through the Gospel presentation and focused on how important is was for Ashley to have a relationship with Jesus. Ashley’s heart was softened, and she was tearfully moved to receive Jesus as her Lord and Savior.

Months later as Sally was following up with Ashley, she heard of the wonderful birth of a healthy, chunky little girl. She had also started attending a local church with her husband and the kids.

From Ashley’s first web search to her final ultrasound at TCLC, none of it would have been made possible without the continued support from our donors. Whether it was a one-time gift at a fundraiser, or through our monthly giving program, every donor has helped make stories like this one possible.  For every ten stories like this, nine of the women choose life, and the donors are a critical part in making it all happen for His Glory!