Late Spring 2023 Newsletter

We are happy to show off our newly opened clinic to the neighborhood using balloons and new sandwich board signage AND our Clearlake staff as well! Pictured left to right: Carol Whittingslow, Andrea Blair and Bryanna Tena.


And here’s the story about our very first patient: She called in by phone to make an appointment. During the conversation, she mentioned that she had been to our clinic before with an earlier pregnancy. We thought she must have mistaken us for Planned Parenthood, or perhaps she had come to our Ukiah clinic location. She, however, insisted that neither of those were the case.

When her appointment day came, we welcomed her. To our surprise, she recognized both Jennifer and Carol as having been the advocate and nurse who assisted her ON OUR MOBILE CLINIC several years earlier! She chose Life back then and is choosing Life again because of your faithful funding that helps us reach out to women in this way!

We are so glad to be picking up where we left off in Lake County!! Saving lives and sharing the gospel with women and their families. Thank you once again because:


AND IN THAT ORDER! These words capsulize the motivation behind our work and the priorities that keep us on track. Let us explain.

Pro-Gospel: We are first and foremost, interested in sharing the basis of our Life message, the Gospel, because that is ground zero and goes to the root of the situation no matter how complicated. It is the Gospel that will provide the eternal difference and fundamentally change or save a life.

Pro-Woman: We are the group that can say this with honesty because we are interested in the total well-being of every woman that comes to us. We are not fighting for her ‘rights’, we are fighting for her soul. We care deeply about the bigger picture of being made whole, charting a new path when necessary, and having tools to fulfill her divine destiny.

Pro-Life: We are also determined to speak up for those that have no voice besides a heart- beat. We employ many tools to help women choose to keep their babies, among which is the power of an ultrasound, letting them see and hear what is inside their womb. Those are the most powerful ’words’ that can be spoken.

In the political and social climate that we find ourselves—this ministry’s message is critical. More seriously, our time is short. We may only have a narrow window left to serve our communities in this way if our California legislators have their way. We urge you to stay in touch with current legislation, make your voice heard, and of course—PRAYERFULLY VOTE. Thank you!



To offset the Google banning that we are incurring online, we have gone ‘old school’ and have developed posters sporting a QR code that points prospective patients to our website directly.

We now have packets of these posters available for volunteers who are willing to post in locations near you.

Stop by either clinic and pick up a packet. Directions and posting suggestions are included, as well as several 2”x4” stickers for additional posting options!

The Good, The Bad and the Ugly:
What’s Happening with the Abortion Pill

ABORTION PILL FACTS: The abortion drug Mifepristone, has been in the news quite a bit lately. We thought it appropriate to give you a broader picture of what is happening. As you may know, Mifepristone is the first drug of a 2 part regime given within the first 10 weeks of pregnancy to begin a chemically-induced abortion. Mifepristone has been in the limelight because its action is specifically related to the baby’s death by interfering with progesterone production in the mother. The second drug, taken later, is responsible for inducing labor and is actually in common use in hospitals across the country for conventional labor and delivery purposes.

THE GOOD: Our clinic has the capacity to help reverse the effects of the abortion pill process if we see a patient with a few days of taking the first pill, Mifepristone. That reversal process works by flooding the mother with progesterone that hopefully overcomes the progesterone inhibiting action of Mifepristone. We have no reversal procedure if the patient has taken the second drug which induces labor and the expulsion of the baby.

THE BAD: Recently, there has been an effort to ban Mifepristone. Currently, the whole mess is working its way through the courts, likely to end up at the U.S. Supreme Court. There are a lot of opinions on both sides. However, there are a few facts that we have not seen widely discussed. The first one that concerns us is that should Mifepristone be outlawed—our reversal program is of no value. It is not effective on the second drug’s action of inducing labor. A different regime may be developed, but at this time, there is no avenue of reversal for us to employ against the second drug.

THE UGLY: Should Mifepristone be outlawed, pro-abortion advocates have plans to merely increase the level of the labor-inducing drug and accomplish the task without the first drug. What does this mean? If they are successful in getting this procedure approved, the abortion pill regime will be even more rigorous for the patient, with the possibility of a live fetus being delivered. We can’t imagine a worse scenario for a young woman who may not even be out of high school to encounter. Possibly without oversight and by herself if she obtained the abortion pill through the mail or without anyone’s knowledge.

CATCH 22: We hear the praise for the efforts of banning Mifepristone, and rightly so as it is the deadly component of the abortion pill regime. On the other hand, it would eliminate our ability to intervene in cases where second thoughts by the mother occurred. We are also aghast at what might become the new abortion drug regime and its more violent action in ending a pregnancy. Oddly, the likelihood of California obeying any banning of Mifepristone might continue to give us a window of opportunity for women with second thoughts…


Experts tell us that we need to stay focused on our next task by asking ourselves, “What is the most important thing I can do, right now?”

It’s a great question and when we consider creating a Culture of Life in the midst of political and economic challenges, perhaps we need to remember that simple sentiment: What is the most important thing that I can apply myself to right now?

In this case, we know the answer. Supporting this ministry won’t change a vote in Washington, and it won’t undo the past. HOWEVER, right now, your support does something quite simple. When a young woman comes in our door weighing her options and often heavily influenced by the current ‘pro-death’ culture, you—by your gifts– empower her to choose Life.

While legislation and judicial decisions are important, no politician nor any Supreme Court Justice, can give a young woman (and her family) the truthful information they need to choose Life. Yet, YOU have done that and it speaks loudly in the Kingdom of Heaven because you have done so despite the political and economic conditions working against us.

‘Now’ is a very important word and is connected integrally with our Faith. As it says in Hebrews 11:1 ‘Now Faith is the substance of what we hope for, the evidence of the things unseen.’ We are very aware of the power of your faith-filled gifts as we see minds and hearts changed in the face of truth. Life is in the crucible as we speak — your support is making an eternal difference.

THANK YOU! You are changing the culture, right now with your faithful giving!

New Ways to Give to The Center

Online giving has always been available at donations, but we have recently created a Venmo account to make it even easier for you to be a part of the action. You can scan the code and give from the convenience of your PHONE! Or if you prefer—our Venmo user name is: @thecenterukiah4Life

Interested in become a monthly giver? Call us @ 707-463-0220