Late Spring 2022

Grab a friend, lace up your shoes and come join us for the 2022 Bubble Walk for Life with special field games coming to a park near you! You still have time to participate and your support is ‘LIFE CHANGING’!!!

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You can sign up to be a Walker OR a Sponsor OR BOTH! Follow the directions and get ready for Bubbles because we are just Bubbling over in excitement about our new clinic location in Clearlake opening in the next few months. This much fun should be shared so spread the word!

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We’ll bring the BUBBLES!

Todd Grove Park—Ukiah
Austin Park—Clearlake
Library Park—Lakeport

As we walk forward into what is likely to be the establishment of a ‘Sanctuary State for Abortion’ in California, the outreach efforts of the Mendo Lake Women’s Clinics need to keep pace with the  challenges of reaching more women in less time utilizing new tools such as ’Tele-med’ services, QR codes, and increased social media advertising.  

We have been exploring/expanding each of these tactics in the recent months.  Here are some of our plans:

1.  We have already been pursuing a very effective Google Ad Words campaign that specifically attracts the ‘Abortion Minded’ and ‘Abortion Determined’ woman to  our website.  We see that the $750/month that we currently budget will need to at least DOUBLE.  If only 15 people were to commit to $50/month, they could make this happen!   

2.  We have created a QR code that directly links anyone who scans it to our patient website.  Using this code, we have created posters to be placed in strategic locations to specifically connect with young women who have just found out they are pregnant (ie – grocery and drug store bathrooms where many take the home pregnancy test they just bought in the pharmacy section).  

3.  We are exploring tele-med options where we connect virtually with our prospective patients to begin the process of their health evaluation.  Millennials are particularly attracted by the ease of this method.  Our challenge is to create a dialogue that is compelling enough to draw them in to our brick and mortar for an appointment and ultrasound.  We will ultimately need another registered nurse to come on staff (possibly remotely) in order to implement this service in an effective way.  Spread the word to any registered nurse you know!!  

AB 2223  – Fact Sheet  

Removes legal penalties in cases of ‘perinatal death’

Removes duty of coroner to investigate death of newborns

Does not define sufficiently the term ‘pregnancy related cause’

Codifies self-performed abortions


Clearlake Clinic Update!!

    So much excitement is brewing over our new clinic project in Clearlake and much progress has been made!  The preliminary site-prep necessary to make way for the changes needed has been completed.  Cable and security companies have been selected to install the appropriate systems.  Signage has been designed.  The ultrasound machine has been ordered and is on its way.  Our clinic license has been issued.  We even have much of the furniture ready for when the big move-in occurs!  All we need is for the permit process to complete its journey through the bureaucracy,  which is currently our biggest snag and largest delay—possibly a 2-3 month delay!  Ugh!  Our papers are filed, our ducks are in their row and our prayers are for the miraculous Hand of God on our behalf to speedily move us through this phase.  

   Our thanks go out to the many hands that have been so gracious with their time, ability and support.  It is a marvelous thing to watch our God bring people, churches and communities together to accomplish His plan on the earth!  THANK YOU ALL!  

We need 2 RN’s: 1 in Lake County and 1 in Mendo. These positions are generally 6 hours per day and one day per week, but also may be virtual if in connection with our possible Tele-Med services. Please pray about these opportunities and contact Cathy Hoyt, 463-0220, if you are available or have questions.  We provide training!

One thing we find consistently, is that the women we serve do not have the information they need to make healthy decisions about their life and the life of their unborn child. Our current society presents pregnancy as if it were a sickness for which you need to take a pill. For example, our patients often do not equate the effect of abortion pills with the death of their child.  This is shown by the frequent response of patients after informing them that we ‘neither perform nor refer for abortions’, to which they say, “I know, I just want the pill.”

Additionally, current culture deems having a child as an undue burden and that the many ‘quick and easy’ procedures will return their lives to ‘normal’. One patient recently was in the midst of her ‘options consultation’, during which we reveal that most procedures are a little more involved than ‘getting your tonsils removed’, when she expressed that she was very glad to have the truth about these procedures and the decision she was about to make. That is why we are here and how YOU have helped a young woman choose LIFE!

Our patient, ‘Debra’, came to see us, revealing that she had an appointment at Planned Parenthood ‘in a couple of days’. She and the father had a number of serious questions regarding her health issues—both in carrying through with the pregnancy and ending the pregnancy.

Seeing that our sign expressed ‘Walk-Ins are Welcome’, they knocked on our door and asked for an appointment. This was definitely from God! As our nurse asked about her health history, it was revealed that she had an underlying condition that would make any of the abortion procedures available to her quite risky if not performed under the direct supervision of a doctor. Her husband had suspected there were dangers and we believe our God directed their steps to our door.

To complicate the situation, her health condition made carrying the child very challenging, possibly even dangerous to both mother and child. The good thing is that we were able once again, to give this couple some very straight forward information. They were most appreciative and agreed to cancel their appointment with PP to think about everything for a week when they would return to us for another ultrasound.

When they returned the following week, you could cut the heavy atmosphere with a knife. Both parents were stricken by the serious consequences in their path no matter what they chose. We probably saved her life because we took the time (as we always do) to ask and answer questions. As for the baby, this couple will need your prayers as they face the coming days. We will stay in touch with them, but our God is the One they need right now.