Fall Newsletter 2023


Autumn Higashi is a young woman with a story to tell. As a homeschooled teen, she encountered the full force of public opinion when she offered her own in response to an article she read in a teen magazine. The article that instigated her well-articulated 10 minute response video, was one that quite casually suggested ‘party ideas’ to cheer up your teen friend who has just had an abortion.

The flippant attitude with which the article was written stood out starkly—that the gravity of taking the life of an unborn child could be satiated by the ‘gag gifts’ suggested, was more than abhorrent to Autumn. The thought of staying silent was even more untenable. So she did something about it—she spoke up.

As we heard her account of the events that followed, her courage was obvious. The truth is that our God has also called each and every one of us for ‘such a time as thisto be His voice in the earth. He has declared that those who stand strong for Him, He will bring before kings and magistrates. Like Autumn, we must not shrink back but instead engage with our current culture by way of the bold stance for Kingdom values and principles.

“The concept called the “Spiral of Silence” refers to the idea that when people fail to speak, the price of speaking rises. As the price to speak rises, still fewer speak out, which further causes the price to rise, so that fewer people will speak out, until a whole culture or nation is silenced.” – Eric Metaxas, Letter to the American Church

It is not a time to huddle in the corner, hoping for the return of Jesus to ‘fix everything’.  But rather, we have all been called to be that voice, that influence, that example of truth which snatches others out of the mind-set of death that is attempting to prevail. We are the voice of Truth mixed with Love that brings redemption, rebirth and revival to this failing earth.



We all had a great time at our recent Fall event with guest speaker Autumn Higashi. It was truly an inspiring time filled with fun, food and some really wonderful partners for Life—YOU!

Want to know how YOU can help us?

Join Us February 10th for

Come to our Complimentary Luncheon and learn how YOU can start an  Embrace Grace Group at YOUR church!

We are all familiar with the phrase: ‘It takes a village to bring up a child.’
The truth is, it takes a Church to bring up a village

Bring hope and help to women experiencing unplanned pregnancy through YOUR church by learning about this ministry program called Embrace Grace (and followup program Embrace Life). It’s a powerful tool that church women’s groups can employ to partner with our clinics and provide the missing piece of discipleship that can change a village.

To better acquaint you with the ins and outs of this program, we have planned a special luncheon event to present how this wonderful tool can be used. It is a powerful means of support that helps pregnant women become grounded in Christ and make the life affirming changes they ultimately desire. It also will make use of the power and gift of mentorship that is likely already present within your women’s group, drawing them further into maturity. We will have some powerful testimonies, plenty of information, time for Q and A, and a complimentary tasty lunch besides!

This is a win-win opportunity that can be adapted to any size church or women’s group. Its outreach and effects will help grow and strengthen your church and our community, as well as beautifully partner with the services that we provide to women facing these Life decisions.

Scan the QR Code or call 707-463-0220 to RSVP or for more info.

Employment Opportunities

We have several openings for Registered Nurses and Patient Advocates.  Interested?
Give us a call 707-463-0220 or check it out online:  www.tclcdonors.com

November is Adoption Awareness Month

Adoption Awareness Month is an opportunity to update the perception of adoption in our society. We are so glad that it has been given an entire month (not just a day) because it carries a lasting legacy. For some, their adoption experience has left them with questions, doubts and uncertainty—but it doesn’t have to be that way.

There are several organizations that have been growing in recent years with the goal of transforming the world’s view of adoption from one of misfortune to one of great fortune, replacing the notion of ‘giving up’ a child in the adoptive process with ‘placing’ a child in a loving home that can likely provide the atmosphere and resources that a birth parent lacks.

The concept that it is not a defeat but rather a ‘pay it forward’ action that puts others (the children in the womb) before ourselves and can be one of the most selfless acts that can be performed—a great GIFT that preserves rather than the choice of abortion that destroys.     

Check out these adoption support ministries:  Bravelove.org and Radiancefoundation.org

Recommended Reading:

 “What to Say When”
By Shawn Carney 

“Roe and Doe—The Evil Twins”
By Brian Johnston

 “It Takes a Church to Raise a Village”
By Dr. Marva Mitchell

“Help Her Be Brave”
By Amy Ford

Patient Stats—January to October 

Initial Patients Scheduled: 197     Initial Patients Seen: 162
Abortion Minded/Determined Patients at Intake: 72
Number of Patients Abortion Determined after initial appointment: 6
Gospel presented 81 times    18 invitations made     10 received Christ
28 Patients claimed to be Christians

Above, you will see our patient stats for this year so far. We hope to hit 200 patients before the end of the year, as well as have several more to receive Christ. Our Clearlake clinic is slowly being discovered through advertising and word of mouth. Our booth at the recent Heroes of Health Fair in Lakeport was a great boost. We interacted with over 200 families, many of which were not aware of our services or location until visiting our booth.

Our posters around Lake county have also helped. Thanks to all of you actively putting those up—we encourage more of you to join that effort by stopping by our Clearlake clinic, grabbing a poster packet and placing them in your area around the Lake to help spread the word.

We recently estimated the total possible appointments that we could accommodate at both clinics using our current schedule/staffing level and found that we can ultimately accommodate over double our current patient numbers. That is exciting and a worthy goal which would significantly impact our communities. The key is in getting in to the public’s eye which we will continue to pursue.

Join Our Upcoming Class:    

Post Abortive Road Back to Health
Starting January 8th in Ukiah and February 6th in Clearlake

No matter when it occurred, whether recently or long ago, we’re here to help you heal and find hope after an abortion. Start your healing journey now. Click on the QR code for details/signup.  Be brave, BE HEALED!

Did You See This Recent Headline?

“Attorney General Bonta Sues Anti-Abortion Group and Five California Crisis Pregnancy Centers for Misleading Patients”

The article begins: California Attorney General Rob Bonta recently announced a lawsuit against Heartbeat International (HBI), a national anti-abortion group, and RealOptions Obria (RealOptions), a chain of five crisis pregnancy centers in Northern California. The lawsuit alleges that the two organizations used fraudulent and misleading claims to advertise an unproven and largely experimental procedure called “abortion pill reversal (APR)”.

Why should we pay attention to this? RealOptions is a licensed medical clinic similar to ours but located in the more populous Bay Area. They have 5 clinics spread through the East Bay and may serve as many women in a month as we do all year. But they provide Abortion Pill Reversal treatment and that’s what has been brought into question by AG Bonta. We include APR in our slate of services at our clinics and should this legal attack find support of AG Bonta’s position, our ability to provide this ‘second chance’ to women may be severely impacted.

Are the claims true? That’s where this whole issue gets interesting. APR treatment involves the administration of a progesterone drug which has a long history of approved and tested use in pregnant women who have had difficulty carrying a child to term. Progesterone’s use is one of preserving a pregnancy. Consequently, it’s use to reverse the effects of the first part of an abortion pill regime (which destroys a pregnancy) is indeed appropriate AND SAFE.

Fortunately, what Attorney General Bonta feels will work against us, may indeed turn out to be for our good because it may ultimately bring the truth about the abortion pill reversal treatment AND THE ABORTION PILL REGIME made known.  All the facts will have an opportunity to come out on the table should this actually get to a court room.  Mifepristone, the controversial abortion pill drug (the drug that Abortion Pill Reversal treatments work to reverse) is the dangerous drug in this picture (certainly with the serious side effect of causing the death of a child within the womb).

How should we then pray? Pray in faith that not only will the case be heard (not dismissed quietly in the background with the evidence hidden), but that it will receive great attention and give Truth a chance to shine for all to see. Also pray that this ’free advertising’ will not hurt RealOptions and Heartbeat International.  Rather, that it will bring MORE clients to their door and MORE of those clients become empowered to Choose Life!  Pray also that this attention to pregnancy clinics will leak over in a positive way to our clinics, attracting those that otherwise never knew there was another choice besides Planned Parenthood. Let’s believe for this adversity to become advantage.

What the devil has planned for evil, let God work it for our GOOD!