Fall Newsletter 2022

We Are Getting Closer!

Above, you can see the action recently at our future Clearlake site when the NEW ROOF was installed by the 

landlord—a great step forward!  The landlord has also agreed to upgrade the ADA parking space!

And We Can Hardly Wait! Our construction crew has been busy with the renovations needed to make our clinic comply with the medical standards set forth by the State of California and we are moving right along. Currently there is legislation being proposed that would streamline these requirements, but only for new abortion clinics, allowing them to bypass many of these standards. We consider it a safeguard to be fully within respected code. 

The Good News is that across the nation, clinics such as ours outnumber abortion facilities by as many as four to one! Unlike abortion facilities, we offer our services without charge to our patients, and we give them the truth. The truth about abortion, the truth about better options and help that is available, and best of all, we give them the truth about Who really loves them and the freedom they can have in Him. Because we do not profit from any decision our patients make, we are better positioned to give them the information they need and show true compassion.

You can stay in the loop with our remodeling status by going to tclcdonors.com and watching our video of the remodeling progress. We will add new pictures as we move along!


Gavin Newsom:

This is Your Neighbor

Our recent Fall event, Speak the Truth in Love—and Never Quit,’ highlighted an interview with Jonathan Keller, president/CEO of California Family Council (CFC). His organization is at work in California to promote the sanctity of human life, strong marriages and families, and robust religious liberty through California’s Church, Capitol and Culture. 

CFC is the official state policy partner for Focus on the Family, Alliance Defending Freedom and the Family Research Council.

We enjoyed some lively discussion in which Jonathan informed us of current legislation in our state capitol, as well as showing us all a video they created to answer back to Gavin Newsom’s advertising campaign across the nation promoting California as a destination location for abortion. Because so many have asked about that video, we have added a link to our donor website: tclcdonors.com. Be sure to watch and share it with as many people as you can.

We also received important information about Proposition 1 which amends our state constitution to ‘enshrine reproductive rights.’ We are struck by the current language used to promote Prop 1—specifically the word ‘enshrined.’ We hear it used often and it truly exposes the current, gross misuse and intentional effort to appear righteous and appeal to a ‘religious’ audience. It totally ignores the basis of California’s current Article 1 which states:

All people are by nature free and independent and have inalienable rights. Among these are enjoying and defending life and liberty, acquiring, possessing, and protecting property, and pursuing and obtaining safety, happiness, and privacy. 

There is a disconnect here because ALL PEOPLE includes the those people that happen to be momentarily in the womb, and also possess the inalienable right of enjoying life!  We encourage everyone to VOTE NO ON PROPOSITION 1!


Patient Statistics—Jan to Sept

(with 2021 stats in parenthesis where available)

Online Requests: 103 (67)
Phone Calls: 157 (150)
Walk-ins: 9 (1)
Scheduled: 188 (130)
Total New Patients Arrived: 153 (113)
Gospel presented*: 66 (68)
Carry to term: 15 (13)
Abortion Vulnerable/Minded: 121 (89)
Abortion Determined: 17 (11)
Confirmed Abortions: 7 (6)
Unconfirmed Abortions: 5 (2)

Looking forward, we are estimating to connect with as many as 230 women by the end of the year!

*In response to seeing these numbers flatten, we recently revamped our gospel approach to interact more easily with the millennial generation, which is our most prevalent patient group.

Staffing Update: Welcome to Our New Co-workers!

We have been busy training lately, namely our new Ukiah advocate, Jaynie, as well as our new RN, Sally, who will serve in Clearlake! Additionally, early next year, we will begin training another RN for Ukiah!

We were also excited to have many from our recent Fall event, who inquired about filling the rest of the staffing gaps in Clearlake! 

It is marvelous to watch God build the house! 

Legacy Giving

How will You be Remembered?

  • Baby boomers will transfer as much as $68 trillion in the next 20 years.
  • How this wealth is transferred can have a huge effect on our world for generations.

If you are considering including us in your estate planning,

call 707-463-0220 for more information.

Ask Us About  Our


Google, has again ‘updated’ their search parameters to hamper women from reaching our life-affirming services.  

In answer to that, we have developed some awesome posters designed to connect directly with possible patients. These posters will require a little ‘hands-on’ facilitation.  

Consequently, we are asking for volunteers (or teams of volunteers) to be active in your local towns, posting these tools in likely places where women will encounter them (ie, drug store bathrooms where they often see the results of the pregnancy test they just purchased.)  

If you are interested, give us a call: 707-463-0220 and we will get you more information about the plans for this new outreach effort!


CATHY HOYT—Chairperson  |   KEVIN THOMPSON— Vice Chairperson/Secretary    |   DAVE DICK—Treasurer                 

PR. DANY BENITEZ—Chaplain  |   MARGIE ROBERT—New Member  |    CHARITY MELLO—New Member


Here at Mendo Lake Women’s Clinic, we talk with many women who enter our doors thinking they have no other option but to abort their baby. That, of course, is why we are here—to show them another, better path. One that will help them cut the ‘T’ off of the word CAN’T.

One way we do this is by our practice of providing each patient with a customized list of agencies and other professionals that can assist them with their basic needs. A recent patient is the perfect example of how important it is to have this extra help throughout the community.  

This young couple came in for a pregnancy test and abortion information, a similar scenario to many of our patients. They did not have a stable living situation nor stable income. One of them was still in school. When the pregnancy was confirmed, the color drained from their faces. They had no idea of a path forward except abortion.

Our society has accepted such brainwashing, even to the extent of referring to a pregnancy as something in need of ‘treatment,’ with the inference that it is an inconvenient disease. We know differently of course, and our mission is to convey the truth about the human being that lies concealed within what should be the most protected space in the world.

As we brought life-giving information to this couple, assisted by the personal resource list assembled by our expert advocate, the fear and anxiety melted away and the relief of being able to say the word ‘CAN’ overtook the room. This couple was so glad to realize that they could rejoice in their pregnancy, rather than dread the future of regret had they made their decision without fully knowing all the facts.


If you are not currently a monthly donor, please consider becoming part of the core that allows us to daily drain off the fear and misunderstanding from our patients and replace it with the Truth that really makes the difference!