The Lord has brought us several abortion-minded and abortion-determined patients already this year. Although difficult as this may sound, we have seen the Lord bless our mission with many of these women who have decided to parent. One patient in particular comes to mind. She was getting ready to start rehab, not in a stable living condition. The father of the baby was not around so she felt it was not fair to keep the baby.

She listened intently to all her options, closely watching the ultrasound screen. When she saw her little tiny baby on that screen, she was visibly emotional. She thought she saw a hand and stated, “It’s already a little person!” The ultrasound allowed our patient to see the truth of what was in her womb and she decided to keep her baby.

Stories like this one would not be possible without our devoted staff, volunteers, and donors. We thank you for your continued support inTCLC’s vision to reach the right women, at the right time, and serve them in the right way for the greatest possible gain on behalf of patients, babies, staff, donors, the organization, the community, and our God.