2021 Summer Newsletter

The Center for Life Choices wants to invite everyone to participate in the 16th Annual Walk for Life. After a season (or two) of being cooped up and penned in, it’s time to stretch our legs, enjoy the sunshine and in so doing, raise money for our mission: to erase the need for abortion in Lake and Mendocino counties through serving pregnant, at-risk women by transforming their fear into confidence. I hope you will join us!

This year we have a God-sized goal of $50,000. If you have been reading our newsletters, you know that we are on the brink of an expansion to Lake County. Opening another stated licensed medical clinic requires substantial financial backing. Over the years (35 to be exact), God has blessed The Center with supporters who partner with Him in the delivery of these free and confidential services. We are asking everyone to join in this year in order to reach our goal.

We hope to have 250 sponsored Walkers this year, the most we have ever had at any prior Walk for Life. We are stepping out in faith. If each Walker on the average was able to raise $200, we would meet our goal. It will take everyone who receives this letter to commit to helping us out. It doesn’t matter whether you live down the street from our medical clinic in Ukiah or across the nation, you can join us on Saturday, July 24th, by enrolling online at tclcdonors.com. Click on “RSVP Now” and you will be taken to our Event Page. Just click on “Participate.” Continue completing your registration by indicating at which site we can expect you—Clearlake, Lakeport or Ukiah. For those who will be walking in their neighborhood in Fayetteville, Arkansas, or Minneapolis, Minnesota, you can select “Virtual” rather than a specific site!

Wherever you live, you can contact friends and family from across the nation via your very own fundraising page. Check it out! It has never been so easy to raise money. Ask everyone you know—co-workers, boss, parents, friends at church, neighbors, etc. If you connect your fundraising page to your Facebook page, you will be shocked at how quickly your friends will sponsor you to Walk for Life! Providing them with this online tool means they can donate right online—no fuss or muss. We have enclosed two paper Walk brochures so that you can use one and ask a buddy to use the other one and join you in this life-saving work. The brochures make it easy to ask friends at work or at church where you might not be able to access your online tool.

Please commit to joining us this year—wherever you are!! Your effort and the support of your sponsors will change the lives of at-risk women and their unborn babies. Mission: Possible!!

Lake County Expansion

In May we reported that we were “oh, so close.” Will you trust me when I say we are “oh, so much closer!” Truly, this has been a marathon. Prayer, perseverance and many generous donors have brought us to the finish line….well, oh, so close!!

Our architect finished additional measurements for our ADA parking spot. We have a paving contractor giving us a bid for the ADA parking spot. This last piece will allow us to finalize negotiations with the Landlord.

We know how much our services are needed in Lake County! Please remain in prayer for this project.

Yet those who wait for the Lord will gain new strength; they will mount up with wings like eagles, they will run and not get tired, they will walk and not become weary. Isaiah 40:31

An Evening with Tony Perkins

All who attended “Raise Your Voice” with guest speaker, Tony Perkins, would agree that we were blessed with an evening of encouragement, laughter and a significant challenge. Tony provided information about the many pieces of pro-life legislation that are before several state legislatures…..more than in any time past. Tony reminded us of the importance of the Mississippi case that the US Supreme Court has chosen to hear probably this fall. If the conservative justices unite to uphold a Mississippi law banning abortion after 15 weeks of pregnancy, it would mark a first step toward the possible demise of the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision. Tony spoke to each one in attendance, thanking them for their local support of the Mendo Lake Women’s Clinic, as the ministry supports one woman at a time, informing her of all of her options, providing obstetrical ultrasound in order for her to see the truth. He encouraged us with 1 Thess. 3:13, ”But as for you, brethren, do not grow weary of doing good.”

If you were unable to attend, we now have Tony’s message posted on our donor website: tclcdonors.com. Go to “Events” at the top, scroll down and click on June 4th, “Raise Your Voice,” and you will be taken to the recording. If you are moved to follow his lead, you will see a teal green button at the top right corner that says, “Donate Now.” We would appreciate your partnership.

Legacy Giving

Your support plays a very important part in protecting Life, and we are very grateful for your generosity. If you are an IRA owner age 70 1/2 or over, you can make a gift through a direct transfer from your IRA to The Center for Life Choices. The transfer counts toward your required minimum distribution if one is due (generally age 72 and over), and you pay no tax on the transferred amount (subject to a $100,00 annual aggregate limit). Another gift option, regardless of your age, is to name The Center for Life Choices as a beneficiary of your IRA. Similar- ly, an additional option is to name The Center for Life Choices as a beneficiary in your will. Contact us for more information, and thank you, again, for your thoughtful generosity.

A Challenge That Is Growing

Since 1973, abortion providers have profited from at least 62 million desperate women who find themselves facing an unplanned pregnancy. The National Right to Life Committee (NRLC), the nation’s oldest pro- life organization, says it reached an estimate of 62,502,904 by tracking data from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the Guttmacher Institute, which previously served as a research arm of the nation’s preeminent abortion provider, Planned Parenthood. According to Guttmacher, between 1975 and 2012, the nation saw more than one million abortions each year. Since 1973, the reported numbers have ranged from 744,610 the first year and 1,608,600 in 1990. We grieve for these women and the 62 million unborn babies that God made in His image.

Fast forward to 2021, we now face an even more convenient and private but similarly fatal method to terminate an unborn baby’s life: the Abortion Pill,. The Abortion Pill is also referred to as a medication or medical abortion. The words medical or medication have a ring of healing potential. Describing this method as “chemical abortion” is more accurate because there is nothing about it that is in any way healing—either to the mother or the unborn baby.

In 2016 CDC reported 41.9% of abortions performed at 8 weeks or less were completed by chemical abortion. More recently, the FDA widened the timeline for chemical abortions from 8 weeks to 10 weeks gestation. With this increase in “opportunity,” more unborn babies are losing their lives via chemical abortion. It is estimated that 400,000 babies will die from chemical abortions in 2021.

During the pandemic and continuing as of this writing, the FDA has allowed women to receive abortion pills without seeing a medical professional in person for an assessment of their health. Patients are only eligible for chemical abortions if they are 10 weeks pregnant or less. Of course, many women don’t know exactly how far along they are, and if you don’t need to see a medical professional in order to get the pills, you can see the disaster that can be waiting. Unfortunately, many women are ordering abortion pills through the world-wide-web from unknown sources or ingredients.

When we see a patient at the Mendo Lake Women’s clinic, our medical professionals review with them written information about the FDA “approved” regimen, informing them of the risks and side effects. We feel privileged to offer information about this fatal cocktail so that young women are fully armed with knowledge to make an informed decision.

But We Have the Solution!!

The Mendo Lake Women’s Clinic’s staff is now trained to provide Abortion Pill Reversal!! Yes, you read that right!! Under the supervision of our Medical Director, Dr. Derrick J. Barnes, we will be able to attempt to save an unborn baby if his/her mom calls our Clinic soon (24hrs-72hrs) after taking the first abortion pill. Providing the mother with consistent doses of progesterone (which is used to sustain normal pregnancies) results in a 64%-68% chance of reversing the effects of the abortion pill. We are very blessed to provide this service.

We are currently investigating insurance coverage for this protocol. is quite expensive. Though not unattainable, the cost is quite expensive. Here’s where you can join in raising money during the 2021 Walk For Life. Every dollar raised supports a woman who needs to make a pregnancy decision. What a second chance for a mom who feels regret after taking the abortion pill! Please come alongside of us to support both mom and baby.